McNab Dogs

Across North America there is a need for dogs to handle different types of cattle in many conditions, climates and terrains. From the cattlemen in the south, southeast, mid-west, west, pacific northwest and Canada, various lines of Working Cow Dogs have emerged.* David and Kathleen Simmons raise, train and sell McNabs. They are members of The Working Cow Dog Breeders. Our dogs are registered with the Working Cow Dog Registry (WCDR) . Working Cow Dogs save many man hours, reduce stress, weight loss, and are an invaluable tool to the cattleman. Whether ranch-broke or professionally trained, these dogs are an integral part of the cattle industry. *

Ballie - Reg. No. 000435 Montana's Heart - Reg. No. 000558

McNab dogs are head and herd dogs. They were breed and used by Alexander McNab in Mendocino County, California and have slowly spread across the United States. Probably still one of the lesser known of the working cow dogs, but in our opinion as well as those who will use and work them one of the most loyal best working dogs on the ranch today . They also make great pets and have excelled at all kinds of competition.

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Ballie and Montana's Heart - April 2010

Montana's Heart

Montana's Heart bringing red bull around

(*Working Cow Dog Registry web-site)